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Receive webinar training on "How businesses can leverage Artificial Intelligence delivered by Harvard PhD Marcus Comiter who received the highest honors in the whole Harvard in computer science and statistics. 

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Al for Health and Safety

Artificial Intelligence can revolutionise Health & Safety Environment (HSE), savings lives, fuelling economic growth, and maintaining the health of workers.

Critical Future has pioneered a unique AI System for HSE using state-of-the-art Deep Learning. Using Machine Vision, the AI system can inspect members of staff, detecting if they are wearing the right health and safety equipment

How Businesses can use Artificial Intelligence

Training webinar on “How businesses can leverage Artificial Intelligence”.
AI is the most important technological revolution in the world, as Google CEO Sundar Pichai said "AI will be more important than electricity or fire". 
The webinar include training and insights from experts on AI and how it is being deployed in businesses. 
The presenters will be:
  • Adam Riccoboni, CEO of Critical Future, specialist AI consultancy and partner of world-leading brands. Critical Future builds ground-breaking AI solutions, and has been featured in New York Times, Yahoo News, etc. Adam is an award winning entrepreneur and critically-acclaimed internationally published author as featured in the Financial Times, the Guardian, BBC, ESPN and USA Today. Author 
  • Marcus Comter, PhD in Machine Learning at Harvard University and Senior Consultant at Critical Future. Marcus earned the Highest Honours in computer science and statistics in Harvard. Machine Learning PhD Researcher at Harvard, published in the top managements journals. Marcus has professional experience at Intel where he filed a number of patents for Machine Learning technology. 
  • What is AI?
  • How important is AI?
  • What is Machine learning?
  • How does Machine Learning work?
  • How does Deep Learning work?
  • How does Natural Language Processing work?
  • How businesses are using AI in:
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Finance 
    • HR 
    • Supply Chain
  • How to successfully deploy AI
This free one hour event is by invitation only and takes place on 4.30pm UK time / 11.30am EST 8th November 2018.