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How can HR use AI

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Webinar presented by Linda Frietman 

Thursday, 24 October, 5:00 PM » 6:00 PM

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Linda Frietman is a leading female tech CEO in the Netherlands and on the list of 50 most inspiring female Tech CEO’s of the Netherlands. She has led iamProgrez to be one of the few Dutch companies that not only developed but also realized their own AI Processing System. She has introduced the term augmented intelligence layer to describe their tech solution. A decision-making layer for HR & recruiters that optimizes the hiring/recruitment process and delivers cutting edge HR Bi.


Most organizations are in a digital transformation phase. Combine this with the global change in economics you see a shift away from production processes modeled on growth and production, towards more creative think and design processes in order to solve problems. This is changing the landscape of employment. The definition of a productive employee has morphed over time. Not only is an individual expected to hit the ground running, but employees are also asked to continuously grow and develop (lifelong learning). Organizations need and demand human capital that are not only successful on the job now but also has skills that will remain valuable in the future to facilitate the growth of their organizations. Linda will show how cutting edge technology and a disruptive look at data can help with these demands.